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Software industry is special. I think many will agree with me that if the HARDWARE and software were ideal, then on some level of hardware, programs could run much faster than they do now. This statement applies to the vast majority of software systems, it is a global problem and it probably exists because of the logical complexity of the subject area. The analyzed spectrum of projects tasks within which the software is developed, almost always gets a low evaluation, and ready-to-use software which we have on the market always has a significant coefficient of random code and this random code is always bad. Users often complain both about the operating system code and any other code that is the basis of their software systems. The software industry has a long history already, but there has never been a desire in the world to have an ideal system to create the code, however, such a system is necessary for all of us, and its creation is possible. This system has its name - SKY. It is developed on this site.

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This site outlines the theory about the vital importance of creating a top quality code, a perfect code. Such a code will be a starting point for any programmer in the world to work on his projects. Any programmer can participate in the development of SKY. code. And the system ranks the code to keep the quality of SKY. on an ideal level. Only the highest quality code is able to get the software industry to a new level, only on the basis of this code and the SKY. system we will have a possibility to generate the code of the level of artificial intelligence.

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