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Software industry is special. I think many will agree with me that if the HARDWARE and software were ideal, then on some level of hardware, programs could run much faster than they do now. This statement applies to the vast majority of software systems, it is a global problem and it probably exists because of the logical complexity of the subject area. The analyzed spectrum of projects tasks within which the software is developed, almost always gets a low evaluation, and ready-to-use software which we have on the market always has a significant coefficient of random code and this random code is always bad. Users often complain both about the operating system code and any other code that is the basis of their software systems. The software industry has a long history already, but there has never been a desire in the world to have an ideal system to create the code, however, such a system is necessary for all of us, and its creation is possible. This system has its name - SKY. It is developed on this site.

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This site outlines the theory about the vital importance of creating a top quality code, a perfect code. Such a code will be a starting point for any programmer in the world to work on his projects. Any programmer can participate in the development of SKY. code. And the system ranks the code to keep the quality of SKY. on an ideal level. Only the highest quality code is able to get the software industry to a new level, only on the basis of this code and the SKY. system we will have a possibility to generate the code of the level of artificial intelligence.



Let's consider the need for crystallization on the example of the PHP programming language development. PHP actively uses the term "obsolete", the same do many other programming systems... Functional get_magic_quotes_gpc (), global variables $HTTP _GET_VARS and similar to them "fell into oblivion". In fact, presence of this functional was simply wrong from the beginning in the form in which it existed, the release of new versions - the desire to improve the language, to optimize it. From a programmer's perspective, is it good to have many language versions? Of course not, it would be good to have one, but the best, as in other words, it's good to have one language, one framework, CMS, but the best, the purpose of which is similar to the competitive one. What is the reason for the existence of multiple versions? First of all, the social order of the world - no one has the right to prohibit creating new versions, but what is the most important - there is no ideal ones and no work plan includes the development of crystallization. Crystallization is something like optimization, but it includes the willingness to make radical changes to the project, the willingness to apply ultimatively the effective means to do this. It's a simple but very big work, it is the willingness to clearly define the scope and objectives for the project development, the willingness to find, examine and take into account all the influencing factors to make the project the best, even perfect. In fact, the release of new versions in PHP is an attempt to improve the language. Why you need to remove get_magic_quotes_gpc() and make the slides remains in the broad sense incomprehensible to the masses of people, and the decision is taken by a limited number of people and it is not clear under what conditions. But if "these people" made get_magic_quotes_gpc (), and then removed it, then how can we be sure that the appearance of slides will improve the new version of the language?

In SKY. the concept of crystallization is introduced for the first time, and a set of tools for finding the perfect code is offered. Due to some reasons (read the article), the project is initially based on developing Web applications in PHP language. SKY. project is open. To develop any application it is offered to use a client application (for SKY. system) DEV.SKY. Registration is not required to "read" from the code base, to "write" - is required.

For today a lot has been done on the code crystallization, to create Web applications, although there is still more work in the future. We plan to actively create diagrams to analyze the quality of your code, both automatic and semi-automatic, including public moderation with developed rating system. We will use other approaches. You can create personal, arbitrary Web application using SKY., but you can also actively participate in the development of the system itself. By the way, the first and the second often intersect with each other. And with special means it is easy to do the second while doing the first. In this sense, SKY. system acts as an aggregator of good approaches and ideas. In principle, any developer in any open source project, if he wishes, can take part in the project, but in SKY. it's very simple - just register in the system, install the app DEV.SKY., learn it, improve, and submit your work. Application DEV. SKY. and the system are organized to make the process as much simple as possible. If you are an experienced PHP programmer, it will not be necessary for you to read the documentation to study application DEV.SKY. If you are just starting to learn Web technologies, SKY. system will become a good starting point for you.

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